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The American heritage dictionary has defined plagiarism as the act of presenting another writer’s work; words and ideas, as one’s own without due attribution. According to Heywood Ehrlich of Rutgers University plagiarism entails the use of phrases, paragraphs, ideas or even the whole script of another author without sufficient acknowledgment. Plagiarism is simply an intellectual theft that involves stealing and publishing of another author’s work as one's own original work. It is an unfair competition which has been accelerated by the ease to access intellectual property due to a rise in technology – internet. The word plagiarism originated from Latin plagiārius, meaning "kidnapper". Self-plagiarism is the situation where an author reuses portions of his/her own work without acknowledging its source. There are different types of plagiarism. University of Arizona clearly outlines three types of plagiarism; copying an author’s exact words ignoring the quotation marks or citation, interchanging and rearranging an author’s work and lastly paraphrasing an author’s work and forgetting to acknowledge the source. According to Heywood Ehrlich of Rutgers University plagiarism is classified into; Fraud which he defines as the purchase or copying a whole paper, Substantial plagiarism as a substantial borrowing of material and passing it off as original work, then lastly Incidental plagiarism which is a small‐scale copying without appropriate acknowledgment. Dr. Barnbaum of Valdosta State University however takes us through five types of plagiarism; Copy & Paste, Word Switch, Style ,Metaphor and Idea Plagiarism Laws against plagiarism are not well defined in the UK and are merely viewed as unfair use of a writer’s work. Plagiarism policies can... ... middle of paper ... ...itage dictionary of the English language. (2011). Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. • • •

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