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Ever wondered what factors influenced your placement in social class? Most people are born into their specific class. Class is a grouping of people by their income and similarities. The three main classes are ruling, middle, and working class. Each one of these classes has their own role and with these roles comes different amount of income and power. Classes are determined more by business-related issues than lifestyle. Determining what class someone belongs to does not simply rely on their appearance. This is because overtime banks have become more lenient on extending credits, prices on material items have lowered, race is not such a big factor, and more people are getting educated. Although many factors influence your social class status, …show more content…

Classes are influenced by amount of income a household intakes. The working class makes anything under $25,000 a year, the middle class makes between $25,000- $75,000 a year, and the ruling class makes over $75,000 a year. In association to these incomes comes the type of lifestyle one lives. For example, a child that is born into the ruling class is going to be more privileged than the child that was born into the working class. Many things such as habits, skills, and money are inherit from the parents. Lower class individuals aren’t given the best lifestyle. They tend to be living in high crime rate neighborhoods, and do not receive the best medical attention. People in this class do not have the ability to know their full potential. Most Americans are considered middle class, which have the tendency to lean to the ruling or working class. They have the ability to choose a better life for themselves since they are not as limited with resources. People in the middle class are given a fair advantage. However, people in ruling class are handed many opportunities causing more …show more content…

People have the ability to move up in class and have an improved lifestyle. Education opens doors to a higher lifestyle. Once you have sought higher education, you are offered a higher position with a greater income. The higher your position, the more power you control. Social classes are very diverse in skill, race, occupation, and gender. Statistics should not discourage one from being higher in class. After all, our different class standings causes us to act differently, live differently, and have different experiences and life chances

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that social class is a grouping of people by their income and similarities. the ruling, middle, and working class classes are determined more by business-related issues than lifestyle.
  • Explains that the ruling class has the ability to attend a-1 schools and ib league universities, while the middle class is given the opportunity to remain in their social class.
  • Explains that income is an enormous factor in everyone's life; it is our source of survival. classes are influenced by amount of income a household intakes.
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