Pit bulls and Their Supposedly Agressive Behavior

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The Pitbull used to be one of the most popular family dogs. I myself own a Pitbull. They are some of the most mis-treated breeds of dog. This is because of their supposedly aggressive behavior. But research has proven that no one breed of dog is more aggressive than any other. So why is there such a stereotype that Pitbulls are mean and aggressive?

Every breed of dog was bred for a reason. Whether this was for rabbit hunting, or herding livestock, there was always a purpose for their birth. Every dog has different physical characteristics, as well as behavior. For example a Dalmation can be just as aggressive as a typical, stereotypical Pitbull can be, but this goes unheard of. This is because media attention does not want to put these on the News because it is not interesting enough for the public. But Pitbulls are however. Every Pitbull is different in its own way. Some are friendly, and social. Some are shy, and reserved. Yes and there are the few that are aggressive but most of the time this is not because of natural causes. These dogs that are aggressive were trained to be that way. They are trained that way to compete in dog fights.

These dogs have been caged alone. They have been chained up in the woods, beaten, and made to fight by their owners. The remains of the dogs that had been fought to much, and just couldn’t make it were buried in mass graves, while the females were put on rape tables. When hunting larger animals became illegal, this is when dog fighting became popular. Pitbulls are known for their history with dog fighting. But it is not these dogs fault that they are being put into this fight. It is their owner’s. So really the vicious animal to blame is not the dog, but the human. Typically when Pitbull’s f...

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...Medicine Association. They studied over 30,000 dogs through May of 2011. They tested the dogs skittishness, aggression, and also their ability to differentiate between humans that are a threat and ones that are not. 83% of the dogs passed the test. However Pit bulls passed with an above average score of 86%, only coming after Golden Retrievers.

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