Pip's Excpectations in Jane Austen's Great Expectations

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Pip's Excpectations in Jane Austen's Great Expectations In the novel 'Great Expectations', the central character Pip has many expectations thrust upon him by others, as well as himself, from a very early age. What do we discover about these expectations and the characters who 'demand' great things of Pip and does he live up to the expectations of himself and others? In the novel 'Great Expectations', many characters have expectations in Pip. When Pip was young, his expectation for himself was to grow up to be Joe's apprentice and to make Joe and his wife happy. When Pip becomes a bit older and after he meets Estella, his expectation is to become a gentleman and to prove to her that he is not just a "common working boy". Most of the characters that have expectations in Pip, expect him to become a gentleman, but there are other expectations as well. Mrs. Joe Gargery is Pip's sister who brought him up 'by hand'. She expects a lot from Pip. When he is young, she expects him to be grateful to her and the people around her, such as Mr. Wemmick and Mr. Pocket. When Pip is told to go play at Miss Havisham's house, she expects him to be good and show to Miss Havisham that he is worth a lot. 'my sister will be very angry with me if you complain…' said Pip to Miss Havisham. She expects this from Pip for a selfish reason. She wants him to bring money to the family. She also wants Pip to have a better education and

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