Physician Assisted Suicide Persuasive Speech

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Walking down the halls of hospice, tear stained linoleum is glistening by the fluorescent lights. A man on the first floor has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and losing the battle by the second. He’s helpless; he has lost all movement throughout his body as his muscles are deteriorating. The blush color in his skin has transformed into a dull grey, and the light in his eyes have burnt out. He has become a hollow shell, he mumbles under his fragile breath, “kill me,” but there’s no way to help. In today’s contemporary society, the controversial topic of physician assisted suicide (PAS) for the terminally ill is emotional for both supporters and opposers. Physician assisted suicide is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable …show more content…

The physician that aids in the end of a patient's life has many steps to cover before the initiation. The physician must identify the terminal illness that the patient is suffering from, enlighten the patient on their options and what the results of the options are, make the choice of whether to be the one to euthanize the patient or not, and properly give the correct dosage of the lethal medication that will take the patient's life. Those who feel that PAS should be legalized and a choice believe that because they don’t want to deal with all the suffering and pain that comes along with a terminal disease. The patients would keep their dignity, prevent family or friends feeling guilty, and also be able to pass where they want with whoever they want with …show more content…

There is a consistent presumption against killing that we see throughout the entire Bible, which is why those of religion are strongly against euthanizing the terminally ill. When the religious people began to hear about the practices of Dr. Kevorkian, they feared their physicians and sought them as evil. The opposers find those who assist in suicide to be killers instead of aids. The Fifth Commandment of The Old Testament, according to Protestants, forbids killing with the saying, “Thou shalt not kill”(Exodus 20:1–17). The moral of this is that suicide is seen as a violation of this commandment. Anyone who violates the ten commandments is violating God’s law and generally questions their admission into Heaven. It is also argues that the New Testament provides “a structure of values and hopes antithetical, indeed inimical, to suicide” (Stempsey, 1998). Although it is true that the New Testament's theme focuses around Jesus’ message of nonviolence, there are also well known instances where there were exceptions to the temerity against

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  • Explains that the controversial topic of physician assisted suicide for the terminally ill is emotional for both supporters and opposers.
  • Argues that the first amendment of the united states reads that there is a separation between church and state.
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