Physician Assisted Suicide

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Euthanasia is a Greek word that means “good death”. It is the act or practice of ending the life of a person either by lethal injection or the suspension of medical treatment.That means it is controlled by a healthcare provider and not the patient, and it usually usually happens when the person is comatose. Physician assisted suicide involves a doctor knowingly and intentionally providing a person with the knowledge to commit suicide, including counselling about lethal doses of drugs, prescribing such lethal doses or supplying the drugs. The patient is controlling the actual act of suicide with the help of physicians.
Physician assisted suicide is really a small subset of “euthanasia”,Some people view it as a person having their lives ended peacefully and painless. Others are completely against …show more content…

If sick or elderly people wants to die because they don’t want to suffer anymore, some believe that they should be able to do so. However, what if that person isn't making the right decision? What if they could eventually get better? In countries such as Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Albania, Colombia, and Japan euthanasia/assisted suicide is legal. In the United States, only 5 states that have it legalized the process. They are Washington, Oregon, Montana, Vermont, and New Mexico. In places where it is legalized, it has many regulations in place that make it difficult to accomplish. Assisted suicide ends pain and suffering and allows families to save money on medical expenses. Nevertheless there are many cons to this. According to, assisted suicide in Belgium has been used for people that have had psychological suffering. There have been about 52 cases of it. People can start to think irrationally and may be in a state of mind that prevents them from making rational decisions. The person can be dealing with

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