Physician Assistant

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According to Lisa Shock, a working physician assistant, “Being a PA has allowed me to do everything I ever wanted to do in medicine.” Physician assistants can do more than a nurse, but not quite as much as a doctor. Their work is welcome in many places. Generally, a physician assistant is paid quite well for their labors. The medical field is very interesting. Physician assistants (PAs) do many tasks and work in various medically influenced settings. PAs can prescribe medications but may need a physician’s opinion beforehand. They may give treatment in the care of broken bones and administer immunizations. A PA also has to educate patients and family members on how to care for a condition that affects them or the members of their families, such as an asthmatic child (“Physician Assistants.” U.S.). Giving lab tests and taking blood samples are also a part of a PAs job duties. They must record the medical history of the patient. A PA may assist a physician/surgeon in a surgery (“Physician Assistant.” Encyclopedia 14). Physician assistants can work in many places such as hospitals, c...