Physical Development In 'Look Who's Talking'

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Look Who’s Talking is a comedy film that features Bruce Willis who plays the voice of Mollie’s son Mikey as the main character, John Travolta as James, Kristie Alley as Mollie, and George Segal as Albert, the dishonest father of Mikey. Look Who’s Talking is a film related to the physical development in infancy. Mikey uses his inner voice to express how he feels and observes life as a baby. This film is an outlook on how most babies view and perceive society that cannot express themselves vocally. There are several developmental theories and influences from society and culture that are underlined psychological issues that are related to the film. Albert is an executive who has two children and a wife that has an affair with Mollie who becomes …show more content…

In the movie, Mikey had a lot of individuals, such as peers and family members surrounding him on a daily basis that influenced his life in several ways. Mickey would get to play and socialize with other children when Mollie took him to the playground to play in the sandbox. That was the time when Mikey could be understood by the other babies when he used his inner voice. One day at the playground, Mikey was told by some of the other babies what daddies were, and then Mikey started realize that he wanted to have a dad too. Mikey soon realized that James would be a good father for him, and wants Mollie to make James his dad. Mikey gets to hear from his playmates what is going on in their households, and he realizes that he is missing one part of a family that his friends enjoy a lot, which are their fathers. If Mikey’s friends did not have fathers, then Mikey would not have even thought about a dad until later in life. Peers have a big impact on children when growing up. Kids love to compare different aspects in life and want to be equal. The inner most level of the environment is the Microsystems. Children physical attributes, personalities, and capacities affect adults’ behaviors, but adults affect children’s behaviors as well (Berk, 2013). Therefore James and Mollie were both involved in influencing Mikey’s life equally as an infant. Mollie wanted Mikey to be in a successful environment with the executive, Albert, so that Mikey could be influenced by him, but Mikey had been exposed to James more, even though he was not the biological father. Mikey developed similar characteristics from James since that was the male figure that he was around the most. Mikey enjoyed playing with cars and pretending to drive because he was used to seeing James drive the taxi majority of the

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