Reasons For Abolishing The Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment Everyone has a viewpoint on capital punishment, whether they think it is right or wrong, ethical or unethical, or if it should or shouldn 't abolished capital punishment. In this paper I am going to show you a few reasons on why not to abolish the capital punishment. The death penalty was created as a punishment for those criminals who submit very wrong criminals. For example rapist and murders are not in the same criminal spectrum as that of drug users and thieves. The death penalty is for that of very serious crimes because the death penalty is a very serious punishment for a crime, and can not be redone after preformed (Lewis). An example of capital punishment is Clayton Lockett. Clayton shot a 19 year old women and then watched as his friends bury her alive. Should this man be sentence to life on parole or capital punishment? A man worry of the offerers is that a inmate who is sentenced to life with out parole and has no chance of getting out early what would stop them from harming other inmate or officers? When it comes to sentencing someone to life with our parole or capital punishment the judge and others involved have to think about the safety of others and what the criminal deserves, and if the criminal has any potential to change their ways (Lewis). Capital punishment has been in our history from the earliest recordings, and has played a very large role in society. In the United States during the seventeenth century, capital punishment was very large, for example mandatory hanging, carried out in public after the person was convicted of a crime. The most common crimes that resulted in the death penalty was arson, rape, robbery, burglary, and most commonly murder. In the nineteenth century... ... middle of paper ... ...on or their ethical belief, others it comes down to the cost of the death penalty vs the cost of life without parole. The death penalty has been around for a very long time and has seem to work throughout history. The ways of how capital punishment is carried out has changed over time, for example people use to be hung in public and now it is done within the prison wall usually with lethal injection or the electric chair. The death penalty is a very serious punishment and should only be carried out to the criminals who have committed capital crimes and has no shown evidence of improving the person they are, or if the judge or jury is scared of what the person might be capable or doing. Some people do not deserve the freedom of being able to do everyday activities even if it is in the jail walls, and this is why the right of capital punishment should not be abolished.

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