Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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The death penalty has been a strong controversial argument since it first got ratified into the law. It gives the power of taking an individual’s life into the hands of those around them. The peers around him may only need to state one effortless word that can sentence the person to incarceration leading to their inevitable execution that. The death penalty has inflicted a new type of concern in the minds of many Americans, in which many are not entirely sure such punishments are necessary anymore, not only through opinions but also through substantial facts that support the abolishing of such an inhumane punishment which has proven to have become less beneficial than anything else. If we pinpoint a great example or reason for the abolishment…show more content…
Families of people are torn asunder because not only do they now know that their beloved relative is now put for execution but now that their time with that person is put to a death clock that continuously ticks down resulting in just countless hours of grief. Occasionally, in some cases, people are wrongly accused of horrible crimes and are charged with the crime in which they had no involvement yet when they are to be judged to be put on the death row while being completely innocent. This means that not only are they losing their life for something they did not commit but that because this law exists it, therefore, makes matters exponentially worse for the individual and family causing them stress. With that in mind and with the millions of cases that have been put on trial, the chances of a few of those cases sentencing an honest person to death are not as slim as some may believe it to be. There have been multiple reported cases in which there have been people released days and if not hours away from their soon to be execution. Not only do they get released but they are also given compensation for being wrongly convicted and the trauma they have been put through for being incarcerated and put on death row for a horrible act they did not commit. Not only is the capital punishment of the death penalty a complete utter waste of people’s tax dollars as well as government funds, but it is completely an illiterate way of handling punishments for other human beings which corrupts the morality of people and in some cases causes much more damage than it does

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