Persuasive Essay On Steroids In Sports

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In discussions about using steroids in sports and if it is cheating or not, one controversial issue has been that it is in fact cheating. On one hand, most people argue to believe that it is cheating only because not everyone in the certain sport wants to take it. On the other hand, some believe that people who want to take it should take it and no one should tell them otherwise. The side effects to the drug are on their hands. Others even maintain a steady mindset that the drug is in fact cheating, and will not change their minds about it. That is why the drug has not been legalized in sports, I see somewhat differently on that matter. My own view is that these stadiums would not be still running if the people did not attend these games. So…show more content…
A lot of them are negative, but some are positive in the way that there should be steroids in sports. Josh Hodnik; a writer for the VPX live powerfully website claims that, “Steroids are cheating because it gives an unfair advantage to the players that are taking the drug, to the players who are not” (Hodnik). I disagree with this statement because, you cannot control someones life and what they want tot do with their life is their problem. Our society views sports differently than we think; we have such a strict mindset on the fact that winning is everything. If we change our views on just winning and just look at the athletes themselves, we maybe can get past the idea that steroids in sports is not bad. Everybody wants to win, so how does this effect the teen view? I believe it is encouraging student athletes and teens to find something else that can help them get better, faster, and win. If students think they can beat the system and find an alternative drug to get past a drug test. What is the point in banning just one substance? I don’t think you should ban any substance from the sport because it is up to the athlete on what drug he or she wants to take. But also if you ban one wrong substance you should ban every substance so they cannot take anything too enhance their performance and it not show up on the drug test. So make a drug test that detects all drugs…show more content…
But it is also a good thing for the players to be able to access a better athlete of themselves. To find a part of them that they would never even imagine. We need to stop worrying about everyone being the same person, because let’s face it they are not. Everyone is a different person and have different ability’s. if someone wants to be better than what they are now and they think they can become a better athlete, let them use steroids to be where they want to be in life. Who are we to judge someone on their lives decision? There are possible risks of a person having problems with their life later on but that is the person’s own risk of taking the drug. We should let the athletes chose to use steroids instead of controlling them on their every move through life. We do not own them, yes we are there boss, but we can’t control them. When I say we I am referring to the people on the board of the Sports Association. Yes, the teams have bought them for a price they could not refuse, but the owner of the team and the board won’t own them as people. We all have freedom, but it’s what you do with the freedom is what makes you. If it does not affect other peoples lives, then why should it matter if a player wants to take steroids? It does not change the way you live your life. People want to see you succeed in life, especially the fans want to see
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