Persuasive Essay On Pro Life

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What is life? No one seems able to agree, and there is no side in between. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, as well as one of the most seemingly unsolvable controversies. Pro-life advocates claim that abortion equates to full-on murder, while pro-choice advocates claim that women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies. With the right to an abortion under attack more and more, even clinics finding themselves under actual gunfire, abortion becomes a bigger debate topic than ever. A woman is a person more than the fetus inside of her, and she deserves to make whatever choice she wishes about her own body. Women should have safe, easy access to abortion in all cases. With all the hot debate going on in modern days, it would almost seem that talk about abortion has found its way into society’s controversies for millennia, but it wasn’t criminalized until the late 1880s, a time when the medical profession desired to gain more status and power (“Abortion”). Certainly being some of the more educated people at that time, especially educated men, they achieved that goal, creating a huge stigma surrounding abortion. It became illegal for …show more content…

Between birth and death, not conception to death. If an embryo can’t survive without serious medical aid outside of its mother’s womb, does it count as truly alive? Life means opportunity, experience, breathing fresh air, appreciating music, a pleiad of other infinite woes and joys. A fetus has none of these, is almost nothing compared to the woman whose body it resides inside. She has a life, a true life way beyond the fact that she possesses a beating heart. She can think for herself, and she knows what is right for her needs and her body. It is wrong to take that right

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