Persuasive Essay On Prayer In School

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Today many believe that prayer should be removed out of the school, many still believe that prayer should stay within the public school system. The feelings of some is that by having prayer in schools it would give some kids hope and a since of belonging. We all at some point and time right before that big exam have said a few prayers or even mumbled a few words in hopes of passing. No one has ever said that you had to understand, support or believe in what your classmates faith was, all one has to do is just to except their faith for what it is and for what they believe in. In a society where everyone is looking to be accepted and loved whether it be by friends, loved ones, or even those who do not know each other, it is important to look…show more content…
Students can have the freedom to practice his or her beliefs in a public forum. It will allow them the freedoms to write their assignments in the way that he or she can relate to without penalty. Lastly, it will prepare students for real life in the real world with all of the diversities of the world. Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” (Matthew 7:1) This can take all people to a greater level, and a better tolerance for the differences that are faced in this…show more content…
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Guidelines for religious expression in schools that were issued in a directive by Pres Clinton are discussed. Clinton believes, among other things, that students have the right to pray individually and in groups during the school day.
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Religion and its place in public education has been a hot topic in politics recently. There is some indication that some of the extreme positions on religion in schools are moderating.
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“Schools are a battleground for the culture wars.” Said Steven Shapiro, the national legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, which has sued districts to enforce strong church-state separation in schools. Working groups tackled religion in the public school social studies curricula; including world religions and religious holidays; religion in the science curriculum; Bible courses; and the student religious
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