Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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Obesity is a product of energy imbalance and it has become a major issue affecting citizens globally, especially in the United States. Over two-thirds of the United States population is excessively overweight and another one-third of the population is inordinately obese. A human requires a precise amount of energy from nutriment in order to maintain life functions. The body will remain consistent to the number of calories the body burns, then again if more calories are consumed than the ones burned, it will no longer remain equal. This imbalance pushes unwanted weight gain and obesity. There is an abundance of factors that lead to not having energy inequality such as eating habits, emotions, environment, income and genetics. In this essay, I intend to discuss how obesity has been growing in the United States and the health concern to this global epidemic (Caballero, 2007). Researchers have conducted that since 1970 over 30% of Americans were overweight, which remains virtually two-thirds of the United States population. Subsequent research…show more content…
A baby born to a mother with high blood sugar and untreated gestational diabetes has an acutely high risk of being obese. The mother plays a major role in their children 's lives, therefore should be a positive role model in healthy eating and would have a great impact on the growth of this social epidemic. Studies have conducted that breastfeeding babies has averted obesity. Over 1.5 billion adults are obese and the number continues to grow. Studies predict that if this type of lifestyle continues, another one billion adults will be inordinately obese by the year 2030. A recent study shows that obesity has been related to academic performances, especially in girls as early as kindergarten who are inclined to have lower test scores than other normal weight peers. This then jeopardizes their opportunity of attending college. (Gibbons,

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