Persuasive Essay On How To Change A Baby

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At some point there may come a time that you will need to know how to change a baby’s diaper. Whether it is you are babysitting or you have had a child of your own. Changing a baby can be a dirty job. It can also be unsafe for the baby if not properly executed. If you follow some basic directions, you should be able to change a baby’s diaper safely. To begin with, you will need to prepare to complete the task at hand. Gather all the items needed diaper such as diaper, wipes, and diaper rash cream. Before beginning you will want to open the new diaper for a smooth transition from soiled to new. You may also need to gather a change of clothing as the baby’s clothes may also be soiled. Place all of these items at the clean designated changing station. Double check to see that you have everything in reach that you will need. You will not be able to step away for a second once you begin without taking the baby with you!…show more content…
Now remove any clothing needed that’s covering the diapered area. Then you will need to remove tape flaps from each side of the diaper and lower the front flap downwards between the legs. Now gently hold the baby’s ankles with one hand while lifting upward to lift their bottom away from the soiled diaper. Be sure to keep the baby’s lower back slightly on the back half of the soiled diaper incase the baby hasn’t finished the elimination process. At this point you will need to take a wipe and clean the baby’s bottom from front to back. You will use this method to keep the baby from getting any infections. Use the soiled diaper to put the wipes into this makes for an easy clean up. Now that your baby is cleaned you can remove the soiled diaper out from under the baby’s

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