Persuasive Essay On Health Screening

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Airports have always been in the spotlight when diseases spread from one region to the next. This progression all begins when somebody with a contagious disease steps on to a plane to fly to his or her destination. Not only are they on the way to their destination, but their germs are also going with them. Without a way of preventing this infected person from flying out of an airport, their illness is easily transported to their next destination. Because of this, consistent health screening is vital for all arriving and departing international flights so that airports can find, isolate, and treat disease spread over infected areas to prevent damaging and contagious effects disease can have on a region 's residents.
Health screening is not routinely done in an effective manner at airports. This needs to be remedied to prevent disease. For example, in 2009, effective health screening was not done properly during the H1N1 (swine flu) virus outbreak. As a result, the virus was transmitted to the people that were susceptible to it because few people were screened. The
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There should be individualized health-screening for every person going to and coming from a disease-infected country at international airports by a nurse or health professional. In the Ebola outbreak of 2014, only about 150 people come in to airports across the US from Ebola stricken countries. These people were not seen by a health professional unless they had disease symptoms at the health screening area. It would not have been hard for 150 people at a handful of US airports to see a health professional to guarantee their health safety. At every health screening area at airports, sterilization of the screening area should completed after each flight of people come though health-screening
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