Persuasive Essay On Government Surveillance

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Government Surveillance
The two major inventions of mobile phones and internet have changed the world in a positive way, but they have been the perfect tool for mass surveillance. Surveillance is the observing of actions mostly of people to influence or protect them. Technological advances have increased the capability of the government to collect information about people through calls, mails, chats, etc. There are a lot of companies these days which provide governments with technology to hack into computers and enable the webcams, microphones and steal documents. Some companies which offer such services are Gamma International and Hacking Team. This extent of mass surveillance by the government in today’s world is clearly not appropriate.
There are a lot of ways governments of countries around the world are keeping an eye on people. People are often monitored through computers, telephones, cameras, aerial surveillance, social network analysis, biometric surveillance, date mining and profiling, corporate surveillance, etc. Some programs and networks run by governments are Dropmire, B...
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