Persuasive Essay On Drunk Driving

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“Just one more” is a phrase many use when going out for drinks with buddies or celebrating something special during life. Until recently, drunk driving was an undermining crime that went unnoticed to everyone that was not affected by the consequences and tragedies that come with it. Estimates of statistics show, “In the United States rates of alcohol-related traffic fatalities dropped from 60% in 1982 to 32% in 2006. Recent findings, however, indicate drunk driving continues to be a significant problem” (Gieck). Although the rates of alcohol-related crashes have decreased, these numbers still have room to drop. Every life that is lost, every casualty that is caused, and every dollar that is spent can be prevented. Drunk driving is a choice that someone makes, it is one hundred percent avoidable. The actions of those who get behind the wheel drunk are the guilty partner in the situation. Individuals that consume alcohol irresponsibly and at times where it may risk the lives of others need to take responsibility for their actions and think of the innocent drivers and victims that they share the road with. Sadly, statistics show the band of youth involved in the epidemic. In spite of progress made, “College students and young adults represent a population that is at increased risk for alcohol-related traffic fatalities due to re emitting rates of heavy episodic drinking” (Gieck). Government needs to take the initiative and limit the bar activity later at night, implement consequences of those who are repeat offenders and get programs out there that will educate those ignorant about drunk driving and alcohol related fatalities. As society becomes more aware of the alarming rate of alcohol-related crashes, there have been many contrib... ... middle of paper ... ... out of control in order to maintain normalcy. Many offenders have had to pay fines and make court dates to take responsibility for their actions. Nothing positive comes out of drunk driving so why do people feel the need to do it? It is because they are afraid to admit that their addiction has reached an all time high to where they can no longer control it. Because of this ugly problem many kids will have to go to bed and say goodnight to their mom and dad by kissing a picture of their parent that once existed before they became a victim. Drunk drivers lives are usually the ones that are not impacted as much as the one they chose to involve. It is something that we all can make steps to prevent. With the use of ignition locks installed in cars, programs created and money ties cut off, we can come to terms with this horrible problem that unfortunately exists today.

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