Persuasive Essay On Arranged Marriage

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Parents know best, or at least that is what some assume. All over the world men and women alike are being forced to marry someone that their parent picked for them. These marriages are not based on love, but on tradition and social hierarchy. To think that parents would view their own social gaining above their child’s freedom and human rights is absolutely appalling, and I strongly believe that arranged marriages should be done away with. People should have the right to make their own choices and decide for themselves. Freedom is what every person ultimately craves. But what if one did not have the freedom to choose who they wanted to marry? This is a major problem within families who support arranged marriages. More often than not, the marriage partner is not the only aspect of their child’s life that they pick for them. The parent will restrict the way their child dresses and acts just to make them appear more appealing…show more content…
What this means is that arranged marriages actually help one’s mental health. The marriage helps because one’s parent may see more clearly who their child should be with. This may be because they have an outside view of each partner 's personality. With less stress of finding a suitable partner, this alleviates the distress on one’s mind and gives them a clear and healthy mindset. The harm done to the girls also does not apply for every marriage. Some girls go through with giving birth and both the mother and the child are perfectly healthy. The physical and mental damage done to some, should not be a reason to do away with a tradition that helps some
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