Arranged Marriage: The Negative Effects Of Arranged Marriage

Marriage is a universal practice, marking the beginning of a relationship that allows individuals to establish families and a long-term relationship commitment. An arranged marriage is a marriage planned and agreed to by the families or guardians of the bride and groom, who have little or no say in the matters themselves. Most people fail to understand how arranged marriages can negatively affect families and the mindsets of those involved in the marriage. If arranged marriages were banned, people would not feel obligated to be forced to move into a home with someone they barely know to satisfy their parents or their religion. This can make or break people physically and mentally which is why it should not be allowed at all. Even though it…show more content…
That would break your heart into a million pieces and leave you feeling trapped and depressed. In George Monger’s book “Marriage Customs of the World: An Encyclopedia of Dating Customs and Wedding Traditions”, he mentions that a newspaper article from 1976 in the London Times reported concerns about young Asian women running away from home rather than being forced into arranged marriages (30). However, this practice was defended by a mother whose daughter left home for that specific reason. The mother felt as a parent, they are more experienced and that young people do not know enough about the world. The mother tried to justify that parents take the time to find the perfect spouse for their child and by them running away, the daughter was considered to be a disgrace to her family. Monger also mentioned that in France, a daughter was viewed as an “adjunct” of the estate that could be “disposed of” because her father deemed to his best advantage, even giving her in marriage for some services
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