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Multibillion-dollar research corporations use more than 100 million animals every year for human purposes. It is not just the multibillion-dollar research companies that are experimenting with animals; the government both requires and regulates animal testing. Animals are used for cosmetics, basic research, genetic modification, and to find cures and treatments. Any time a new drug is developed, it needs to be tested on two different species of animals; one of those animals cannot be a rodent. Animals are also used to test theories and principles, or just to gain knowledge (Animals in Science). There is a law that protects most animals, but it should be intensified so that there are more regulations or banning animal testing all together. Banning…show more content…
Animals are modeled for practically everything that is medically wrong with humans. They are used to research human diseases and develop a drug to treat or cure it. Animals used in psychological research are used in experiments such as addiction and different types of deprivation. They are also used for military purposes, like the development of weapons or distinctive types of explorations (Animals in Science). Many scientists believe that animal testing is the best way to find answers to many questions. Approximately 70% of scientists, who responded, said that they do conduct experiments on animals. Approximately 63% of respondents say that they strongly agree that animal research is essential to the advancement of biomedical science. Many scientists would rather use a replacement than an animal (Cressey). When studying and coming up with a treatment for neurological diseases, there are no alternatives. Scientists should take into consideration that animals and humans have different framework (Burrell). Also, those animals do not have any communication skills to let anyone know when they are in pain or how what they are…show more content…
Since the drugs fail the test, they are not tested on humans. The reason the drug fails because humans and animals have a different anatomy, physiology, and metabolism. Drugs will have different reactions to different species. For instance, penicillin is toxic in guinea pigs, but essential in human medicine (Animal Studies Do Not Reliably Predict Human Outcomes). Approximately 90% of drug trials fail. Treatments seem promising after an animal experiment. Then during the clinical trial, the drug would not test the same thing in humans. Most of the time the trial fails (Burrell). “Researchers at Vanderbilt Medical Center explain in their article “the phenotypes studied in animals are not truly identical to human disease, but are limited representations of them”” (“Animal Studies Do Not Reliably Predict Human Outcomes”). It is fact that humans and animals are different. Humans and most of the animals that are mainly used when experimenting on, share about to over 90% of DNA. Humans and chimpanzees share about 98.8% of DNA, while humans and monkeys share only 93% of DNA. Humans and mice share about 90% of DNA (Garrett-Hatfield). Humans and animals are not a perfect match; the only match that is closest to a human is another human. Although there is animal testing, there are laws to protect animals. These laws are there to make sure that the animals are not mistreated and

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