Persuasive Essay About Racism

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Throughout America’s history, racism has always been present. Since the 1800’s the public has viewed African Americans as “awful people” or as no people at all. Slavery ended and time went on, but racism is becoming present again. This time, I foresee the roles might have switched. Is racism getting worse in America? Are people becoming more hateful? Racism between whites and blacks in America has increased in the past decade. Between the chaos of Ferguson, the recent attacks, and the election of President Barack Obama, it has changed the way people view America and all of the societies in it. Racism between whites and blacks has increased in the past decade and is illustrated through the chaos of Ferguson, Missouri. On August…show more content…
Some believe that Barack Obama has spiked the amount of racial activities that we are currently involved with today. Since the election of Obama, there has been a ton of occurrences based on racism. Has it always been this atrocious or is it just a coincidence that these events have been occurring progressively over the last few years? With Obama becoming president, we now have a different public figure to blame for the problems we are facing. Some view it as if he corrupted America. People blame the fact that he is African American, and consequently America is doomed. Citizens of America believe he is provoking the amount of racial activities; however, I do not believe he is the cause of them. There has always been racial occurrences going on in the societies around us, but there are times when you should not provoke them. When the Michael Brown case had sprung upon us, Obama made comments such as “This has stained the hearts of black children.” He simply should not have had a meeting with Brown’s parents, especially when others die each and every day. Obama stated to them that the police officer was in the wrong. Our president –the man protecting our country- is agreeing with the man and his family, who attacked an officer in law enforcement. It was kind of him to give his condolences for Michael brown, but all it did was cause uproar. People were ranting outside of the white house showing their…show more content…
They were attacking this older couple in result of them being white and happened to be in the wrong part of town. NBC news states that the gang members surrounded the couple 's car and screamed racial slurs at them. The African American gang had ripped them out of their car and brutally attacked them. The man fled, trying to get help. While he was seeking help from local citizens, the gang members dragged the innocent women by her hair, and slammed her head against the pavement. Some African Americans are going as far as rioting to prove that the whites are the racist ones. That we are the major cause of the terrible occurrences; when they are. Another attack had sprung upon the community when an 18 year old student had been brutally attacked to the point where his own family could not recognize him. The white student was out jogging one morning, like he always did, and a group surrounded him. The gang members were shouting things and started to attack. They had beaten this young man to the point of brain injury. He then was forced to undergo two surgeries; one to remove the clot in his brain from the attack, and the second for facial reconstruction. Why when African American gangs attack it is justified and given excuses? “If white mobs harassed black people, screamed racist slogans and claimed that even the existence of black people was
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