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The Military draft is the random selection of qualified citizens of the United States, that is put to use when a crisis occurs, like a war. When American citizens reached age 18, they had to sign up for eligibility to be drafted to go to war for their country. Throughout the country’s history, the requirements and limitations of drafting have changed. The draft has been going on since colonial times in America in order to fulfill the country’s military needs when there were not enough volunteer fighters for the military. The total amount of soldiers that one side has fighting for it is an important factor in any type of battle so getting the necessary amount of fighters is crucial. The draft assures everyone that this military need is satisfied at any point in time. Many people feel like the draft is not fair and not “American” and the draft has seen so much conflict since its invention. Throughout the history of the United States, the military draft has been a very important, yet highly controversial topic at the same time.
The benefits of having a military draft are obvious. We need soldiers to fight and not every citizen is willingly going to do so, so unfortunately there have been times where the people had to be forced to fight. Many people find that this whole concept of a draft is a horrible idea. The basis of this country is that everyone is free to do whatever he or she want and to not do whatever they don’t want. You can express free religion and freedom of speech, and you can even criticize the president strongly, but then out of the blue, it is not your choice whether or not you go to war? It is confusing to think that with all these freedoms, there would still be a draft for so many years. Truthfully, it lacks consi...

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... over to fight. Without support of the war, there is no support of the draft.
There are plenty of arguments for why the draft is wrong and unlawful, or even unconstitutional. When it comes down to basics, sending people involuntarily to war does sound pretty far from freedom of choice, but there is more to it than that. Understanding that it is a free country is one thing, but freedom comes at a price. Everyone wants to be free but not everyone realizes that there are times when we must fight to maintain our well-earned freedom. It is impossible in some cases to fight a full- blown war with just a volunteer army, and if it threatens our freedom, than we must fight the war with volunteers and draftees alike. In technicality, it may be wrong, but realistically, there are many times when a draft really is needed, and if run the correct way, it can be very effective.

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