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It is the beginning of early adulthood when adolescence ends. Early adulthood is defined as the years from 18 to 40. However, legal boundaries for this stage varies between countries. A 18-year old can go to the military without parental permission in the United Staes while a 15 year-old in Laos can join a majority of military service (Boyd & Bee, 2012, p.5). I have lived with my family for seventeen and half years with my parent in Vietnam. I turned 18 and became an adult officially when I moved to the US. My life was completely different. I also realize that my personality has been changed since then.
I thought my personal traits had already sharpened after plenty of things happening after all. However, it is not true that adulthood personality traits are stable. Even though early adulthood is said to be a mark of personality development, it can be changed to respond with the life challenges (Wright, Pincus, & Lenzenweger, 2012, p.1340). It is assumed that our personality are influenced by an individual’s interaction with the environment (Hutteman, Hennecke, Orth, …show more content…

I have a new life perspective. The fact that I am kind and honest does not mean everybody else are also kind. I will continue to live and do no harm to other people. It is the best to trust nobody except my family and my friends but I will give other people the benefit of the doubt. Probably I was affected by my family. We tended to be kind and trust everyone. I have seen my parents being taken advantaged of finance before. It was a hard time for us to recover. My parents were not easy with money. The reason was they were grown up in good families and were also educated to be kind and honest. Those who take advantage of others people do not have our respect. In all of my romantic relationship, I am always honest to my boyfriend. And I trust him. The only thing I need from him is the truth. The truth is always good even though it hurts

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