Personal Statement Of Purpose For A Career In Medicine

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The fondest memory of my childhood is sitting behind my little desk at my father’s clinic and from that special corner, witnessing the power of healing and countless real life miracles around me. I saw eyes whimpering in pain transition to relief within minutes. Even in a room full of illness, the emotional gratification from influencing lives permanently was overpowering. I felt deeply contented seeing the wave of comfort sweep across those patient’s faces. It kindled a strong desire in me to reach the receiving end of the boundless gratitude. A career in medicine would give me a chance to delve into the lives of individuals and mitigate their pain and suffering. My journey started in this doctor’s office and my choice of career was not merely…show more content…
The skill of meticulously capturing details from behind the lens reflected on my abilities during patient care. It instilled patience and sensitivity into my personality which were crucial when attentively listening to and thoroughly addressing my patient’s concerns. My enthusiasm for looking through scientific literature as a freelance blog writer consistently reinforced my efforts at delivering optimal medical care in my practice.
Volunteering for Patients Welfare Organization and The Flood Relief program during my medical school enabled me to morph resourcefulness and selfless devotion into my demeanor. With time my inclination leaned more towards the service of humanity over personal priorities. Becoming a doctor was no longer just a dream for me. It had resurfaced as a determination to contribute a part of me to this world and create a difference in the lives I touch with my
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My vision for the ideal situation for practicing medicine encompasses the ability to take care of my patients with complete commitment and improve their quality of life. I look forward to being a part of your program as it promises to enrich my abilities clinically and academically. I believe that it is not only my dedication, enthusiasm and accountability towards my profession; but also my ability to learn and accept new challenges that will enable me to become a finer clinician and will make me a valuable asset for your residency
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