Personal Statement: My Personal Experience In High School

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I spend most of my life in Bangladesh wondering how to live a purposeful -driven life in abundance. Eventually, my family moved to America to pursue our dream to get higher education.After a week in America,my uncle helped me to enroll in high school.My first day in American high school,I fell in love with American Schools and it was different from my country. My main purpose is to get better education,But it wasn’t easy for me because I was in ESL student and the language is different, for that reason I looked at my comfort zone and didn't learn proper way to speak English. Slowly I lost my confidence and didn't want to learn English because I wasn't my comfort zone and I made friends who speak different language rather than speaking English that's why I've become introverted towards English-speaking person.I used to take advantage being ESL student by not doing my assignment by making excuses of not understanding language and I used to acted I don’t know how to do my assignment and I have difficulties to understand the concept and have difficulties to read ,which is being…show more content…
I have decided to move on from the group,I knew since the beginning of my high school in American. So I can start fresh and focus on improving myself and I started new and different school next year.For the first time in my life I made American friend Who actually know to speak English.I actually made some of my best friends in that high school year I listen to them and admire from them .It was easy for me to go beyond my comfort zone and have a good social skills. But I started to face the actual difficulties that I was worried about, because are used to take advantage being ESL student and I didn't worried about my academic life.I would like to use quote “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe ,then you will be
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