Personal Statement : My High School Friends

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I am fortunate enough to be able to say that I am still very close to my High School friends. Not many people go off to college and come home just as close, if not closer to their friends that they grew up with. I guess I just lucked out. I have my friend Cara to thank for all these girls. When I first went to high school, I didn’t know anyone, except Cara. She grew up right down the street and has always managed to stay an important person in my life. So much of my childhood revolved around us running around outside, or always being it when we would hang around with our brothers. Although we aren’t running around outside anymore, we still find ways to make time for each other when we are both in town. If it’s grabbing a drink, watching the Hawks game, or catching up on our boy problems. I know Cara is always around to have a good time with. I’ve always felt like Jenny was my voice of reason. I can be dramatic and over think a lot. Jenny always seems to be the person in my ear, calming me down. I was able to live with Jenny, for a year. It was an up and down situation. There were t...
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