Personal Statement Essay: The Quality Of Life In Rural Pakistan

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Like many of my colleagues my journey starts with a traditional life in a rural Pakistan, where villages are surrounded by lush valleys and the night sky is brimming with stars. As I grew I came to understand the quality of life the people of my village had to endure. Their families and neighbors was all these people had. Being the first in my family to continue my education, really put an unseen strain on the family. I to spend as much time on my studies as I could, especially since spots were limited and competition was in the thousands, yet I still had to carry my weight in the family. Being the one in the family who speaks english well was another strain by itself. Translating for my parents I had to learn early on that we were going to…show more content…
Ultimately growing up in this background helped me develop the interpersonal skills and characteristics necessary to succeed as a physician. By listening life stories of elderly and visiting terminally ill patients in hospital, I have incorporated skills of being more vibrant, alive and compassionate into my personal life. Not only did I develop attention to detail, I also learned discipline and how to listen to others. I want to apply these principles and become a master clinician who takes a clear history, performs a thorough exam, and uses evidence based medicine to properly diagnose and treat patients. This is my primary and foremost…show more content…
I eagerly anticipate vigorous residency training and a challenging environment in a program where I can acquire knowledge and technical skills to become a confident, proficient and caring physician. I believe that the field of internal medicine will give me the opportunity to do that. Through my interaction with faculty, fellows and residents, I feel my temperament is also a good fit for the field.I can’t deny the affinity I feel towards Internal Medicine, and as I further evaluate this field I believe my characteristics and skills will help me give back to this unique patient

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