Personal Reflection: Alternative Dispute Resolution

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On the evening of Thursday, April 7, 2016, I attended The Grande at Colts Neck monthly board meeting. My reason for attending the meeting was to ask a few questions about when the grass will be cut and about having security cameras installed on the exterior of my unit due to the disturbing and alarming behavior actions committed by several female residents on Federal Key. Unbeknownst to me two of the female residents that have falsely accused me and my husband of various actions toward them also decided to attend the meeting. The third female resident who has also made false allegations against me and my husband is Board Member Ms. Janice Pacifico, was also present at the meeting. During the board meeting, all 3 residents loudly accused…show more content…
Pacifico’s accusations and behavior, how can a Board Member be allowed to conduct herself in such a manner? It is now very clear to me that my side of the story will never be heard while Ms. Pacifico is a Board Member. A perfect example of why I feel this way is that at the board meeting I learned that Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) was offered to the complainant’s and they declined. I was never offered ADR. Why did I have to ask for it? Obviously, Ms. Pacifico is receiving preferential treatment because of her position as a Board Member. Any time I raise a concern about the Blasucci’s or Ms. Poyner, what level of confidence do I have that Ms. Pacifico is not sharing that information with them since they are friends? And it’s not fair that when I report an issue regarding Ms. Pacifico herself she immediately learns about it and knows it was me who reported it. How is this not a conflict…show more content…
Pacifico) is unaware of the letter sent to me twice, first via standard mail and then again by Certified mail, by the previous Property Manager, Mr. Steven Schlau. The letter accuses me of harassing the complainant’s by following them to the Garbage/Recycling Shed, following them around the parking lot, and threatening to go to the Colts Neck Police Department if I didn’t cease such actions. Again, these are false accusations that my husband and I unequivocally deny. It seems to me that the complainant’s believe that we should not be allowed outside of our unit or on the common elements when they are outside. If we are outside at the same time as they are, then per their viewpoint we are committing a crime. I reiterate, this is not fair. For the record, my husband and I had contacted the Colts Neck Police Department numerous times against each of the complainant’s long before Mr. Schlau sent his letter. Also in Mr. Steven Schlau’s letter, and in the subsequent letter from the Board’s attorney, Ms. Cheryl B. Siegel Esq., I am accused of committing a lewd act. When I asked for proof I was advised that there is indeed proof but it has yet to be shown to me. I would like to inform you that on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, a lewd act was committed upon me by Ms. Pacifico, who mooned me. I have proof if you want to see it. I have saved Ms. Pacifico the embarrassment and humiliation by not attaching my proof to this

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