Personal Narrative: Sweet Home Nebraska

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Sweet Home Nebraska
It was September 8th 2010, about 8:00 pm my mom had just put Jaclynn, my three-year-old sister to bed. My parents sat my brother Matthew and I down at the dining room table. I was very confused because we only sat at the dining room table for holidays and special occasions. The last time they sat us down this formerly was when my mom was pregnant with my sister. I thought that they were about to tell us that I was going to have another sibling, which would be a bit extreme considering my brother was a sophomore in high school. We sat there patiently waiting for them to explain the reason for this meeting; my mom started explaining that my dad had lost his job about a month ago. My dad said that there was no reason to worry because he had found a new job. I was extremely relieved; I was only thirteen but was old enough to
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I woke up at 8am, looked out my window and saw two large moving trucks. I sat up and looked around my room but could barely recognize it because it was filled with boxes. I was so sad and just wanted to crawl under my covers and stay there forever, but I put a fake smile on and helped my parents out. Many people had stopped by to say their goodbyes, it was very depressing and there was a lot of tears shed. The next day arrived before I knew it, our car was packed and we started the twenty hour drive to Nebraska. This was the longest and most depressing car ride of my life. My brother and I were miserable and my parents knew it wasn 't worth it to try to cheer us up. My pillow was soaked from tears and I had no idea what my future held. When we finally arrived in Nebraska I was extremely surprised, I didn 't see any corn; there was actually civilization. Twenty minutes after we arrived in Nebraska we pulled into the driveway of my newhouse and surprisingly I felt overjoyed to be at my new home. I then realised that maybe Nebraska wasn 't going to be so bad after

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