Personal Narrative: Stratification

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Personal Narrative: Stratification When you are placed in a specific class either by society or by you, the life chances can be very different. The life chances of employment may be limited if you are on the lower class level. For example, the resume you hand in may only work for factory level jobs. The factory may not require anything but a high school diploma. On the other hand, it would be more difficult to obtain a high paying job with only a high school diploma. For instance, a doctorate degree is required to become a doctor. People from the lower-level classes cannot take advantage of college, because they lack the finances. Therefore, a doctors degree would be more possible for a middle or high class person. Stratification plays a huge role in the life of a human. From the low class to the high class, computer technology will play major roles. The computer will be exchanging vital information from business to business. People will probably use computers as often as using a toothbrush. Corporations will depend on computers to store and retrieve important information. The best paying jobs in my community always require high-level degrees in education. If you needed more help with finances, you would need to attend college and get a degree. No high school diploma would lift you out of financial insecurity! I would describe the upper class as a completely different class. They have their own laws, schools, businesses, and societies. Of course, I always thought of the upper class as somewhat corrupt, because they are always trying to "buy" their ways. They can pass on a speeding ticket, because they literally control the police. The middle class seems the most normal. They are the comfortable non-poor. Yet they remain humble because of their struggles to no delve into a low class. The lower classes are not comfortable. You can see it in their faces and the faces of their children. They are having a constant battle with money. As a result, they also struggle with family, food, and personal health. I don't think all of the upper classes have high degrees. Even with a high degree in education one cannot become a billionaire.

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