Personal Narrative: My Struggle To Cope With ADHD

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From what I can remember, I have always struggled to cope with my ADHD and as a result it has proven to be a burden in my life. When I first came to my new high school in the tenth grade, I found myself struggling to control my behavior and manage my ADHD, which throughout my life has even given me several close calls with law enforcement. At the time, I wanted to go to the U.S. Military Academy (U.S.M.A.), so I decided to physically condition myself and keep my mind occupied in order to stay out of trouble. To achieve these goals, I decided to run cross country. I joined my school’s cross country team in the summer. At the beginning we performed pre-season workouts. The training was tough, but my proud personality and the very thought of what I had to gain kept me motivated and helped me push through the pain. Every time I felt like giving up or quitting, I would say to myself, “This pain is only temporary; remember that the reward will be permanent, and it will be worth the pain that I endure today.” I was able to push through the …show more content…

Cross Country would leave me tired and low on energy at the end of each day, wearing me out and leaving me in a non-hyperactive state of mind. The season eventually came to an end, but I still continued to run during the off-season, although not as often as I did during the official season. Eventually this lack of constant training took a toll on my conditioning and with the cold weather rolling in, I finally stopped running altogether. As a result, my health worsened; my cholesterol level rose and I suddenly found myself struggling to maintain control of my ADHD again. The spring came, and I found myself running again, hoping to finally make varsity in the fall. I tried to train as hard as I could, but I simply couldn’t make any progress in that short amount of

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they struggled to cope with their adhd, which has become a burden in their life. they wanted to go to the u.s. military academy and run cross country.
  • Describes how they joined their school's cross-country team in the summer. their proud personality and the thought of what they had to gain kept them motivated and pushed through the pain.
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