Personal Narrative: I Was The Key Child?

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I was the “Key” child, the one where the spotlight was always on. Mistakes weren’t something they wanted me to get into, just never set well with my family. I was the only girl out of all boys as my siblings and cousin. Growing up in a small town which filled with bad things I may interpret into. In my town Trenton NJ there 's a lot drugs, killings, prostituting and pregnancy. Pregnancy was the huge rate in my home town. My mother didn’t want me to get caught up in that life of pregnancy so she was very strict on me at times. She never wanted me to be around the wrong crowd of females that may mess up my life. When it came to my education I had to put my all into it or get a lecture. If it wasn’t pursuing in my dreams and accomplishing…show more content…
I still did it and when the teacher came in and saw me doing it, she sent me to the office. The office called mother and said I had to leave for the day or be in school detention. I was hoping my mom didn’t volunteer to come get me cause then I would have to hear her lecture all over again. When I got home, I went straight to my room and shut my door. I heard the house door close and I knew it was my mother. It wasn’t her after all it was my grandpa. He came in my room and started asking me why was I acting up in school and home. I told him I didn’t know, why but the real reason I was acting up because I wanted to do the opposite things people told me not to do so I can make my own decisions. He told me If I’m being a follower I should go another direction in life because I wouldn’t make It far. He told me he wants to see me walk down that aisle getting my diploma and not watch one of my brother’s get there’s before me. I started to honesty interpret his words and think if I wanted to make right decisions now. My senior year came by I was very excited because since I had that talk with my grandfather my grades improve a lot and I didn’t get in trouble
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