Personal Narrative Essay: I M Not A Confident Person

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I 'm not a confident person ; I don 't believe I 've ever been one. Too often I find myself relying on others for reassurance. If left to my own devices, I would be indecisive out of fear of being wrong. I doubt my abilities and my skill one I 'm performing them. I feel talentless and doubt if the art I make is actually any good. I appear unbroken and unfragmented as to not seem depressing to others. Although it scares me for people to know, I think it 's important to be openly honest and raw. Vulnerability takes courage. Not everyone likes to open up it can be uncomfortable. However, being open about my insecurities can be can be self-clarifying.
Most of my insecurities don 't revolve around any of my physical aspects. However, my nose has never been my favorite facial feature. I am fearful when touching it because I feel It might get bigger. I dislike the way it widens whenever I laugh or smile. I wish the tip of my nose were small and fine as if it were carved by an artist. Whenever I look in the mirror, I feel my face could look better and dismiss any other overt flaw of mine . At times I compare myself to how much more symmetrical
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It gets my heart racing, eye contact over whelming and sets my body into fight or flight response. Ever since I could remember I 've felt such an intense discomfort in social situations. Whenever I 'm out in public I often feel uneasy. It 's difficult for me to hold a conversation and I run out of things to say. I recall my mom telling me I use to be terrified any time a relative wanted to talk to me on the phone. My social anxiety makes me feel socially inadequate. I loathe the feeling. For the majority of my life it 's been a baggage I carry along with me throughout my day. It also ardous to be myself due to my constant need to be liked and impress others. It 's my daily reminder that I satiated with who I am and what I

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