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Billy Thompson and Sam Westfield were similar in many ways. Since a young age they both has excelled at sports and both loved more then anything, the sport of football. While growing up, the boys did not know each other and probably thought they would never have too. But all of that changed with the diagnosis. Billy was born on October 8th, 1987. People he say he came out of the womb carrying a football. Billy Grew up in the suburbs outside of Los Angeles and was the best football player in the league in the entire city. Everyday after school, he would beg his dad to play catch with him or to throw him routes with the football. “Dad why can’t we play football today?” he asked. “Well its Sunday and you need to get your spiritual growth in, because what is going to happen when you are done playing football?” his father stated. Billy just shrugged off the comment because in his mind, he would never stop playing football. Billy continued to progress in his athletic ability becoming a standout athlete in Football as well as Basketball, In High school he chose to focus solely on football because it was the love of his life and he knew he could get a scholarship to play. He was an all-state running back four years in a row in high school and voted as one of the top high school recruits in the entire country. During his senior year he received many offers to play football, some of these schools included Alabama, Texas, and the University of Southern California. On Signing day, Billy sat in his chair with the three schools sitting in front of him. All of his family waited, as he was about to make the biggest decision of his life. As he tried to decide, the only thing in his head was the quote his father used to always say to him, “Do wh... ... middle of paper ... ...istant coach for the Dolphins so that even though he wasn’t able to play he could still be apart of the game he loved. As Billy heard of this, he immediately became overcome with joy and feeling of resolution. He accepted the offer and began his career as an NFL coach. Sam and Billy became very close friends throughout the whole situation and to this day keep in touch. Every day when Sam wakes up, he is able to see the sunlight and the beautiful face of his daughter, and it is all because of one man who put others before himself. Billy showed the world what it is like to put others before yourself and show what true humility is. Billy Thompson will never be known as the man who set the career rushing yards record or even a person that played a snap in the NFL, but he will always be known as the man who sacrificed his entire life so that another man could live his.

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