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SWISH! I turn my head to the right with a grin and see my mom cheering as I scored my first points of the season. The last game of the season I scored my first points of my middle school basketball “career.” Now sit back and relax as you read the story of how I got my first points in middle school basketball. It all started on a sunny day in February. It was the 2nd to be exact. I remember it like it was yesterday. As I walked into school everyone on the team was hyped up for the game. I also think it was the fact that morning practices were about to be over with. It was the day we traveled to Clear Lake. The last time we had played Clear Lake, they beat us by 1 on a game winning three-pointer. It was probably our saddest loss of the season. …show more content…

Finally the speaker came on and dismissed us to the bus. I sprinted down the hall to my locker. The bus ride there was loud and crazy. Everyone was ready to beat Clear Lake and get revenge. After a long bus ride there, we arrived at Clear Lake Middle School. When we walked in the door I could tell there was a winning sense in the air. We got suited up and started our warm-ups. After warm-up it was time for the A game. I don’t play in the A game, so I cheered on the bench and made sure everyone was good for B game. The final buzzer buzzed and the A game was over. We won by 11! Now it was time for the B game. We started it out right by getting the tip-off and scoring a bucket right away. The game was close until the 2nd quarter. It was 16-18. We were down. We had to put on our game face and play our hardest. At the end of the third quarter we were up by 16! Good defense along with hard work lead up to this moment. At the start of the fourth quarter is when it happened. SWISH! My first free throw of the year. I made it. I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness because I scored my first points. After the game was over my mom hugged me and said good job. The team went to Wendy’s after the game to eat. It was a fun time filled with grease and yelling. I’m pretty sure we’ll not be able to eat there

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