Importance Of Friendships In My Life

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Years ago, when I was a child me and my father had a hard time bonding. My dad bought me a basketball because basketball, a while back, was his favorite sport. The basketball finally helped me and my father bond and the ball helped me develop most of my friendships. The basketball showed me that the best friends you can possibly have are friends you share interests with. When I was nine years old my dad bought me the basketball. The basketball wasn’t like ordinary basketballs, it was white with black stripes coming down it. Everyday after school, my dad would take me to the park so we could play basketball together. As time went on I started to sharpen my skills at basketball and ended up joining my 4th grade team. I was anxious…show more content…
My new school was Sayler Park and I was unfamiliar with the kids who went there. Sayler Park wasn’t very resembling of my old school. Sayler Park was a very limited school with just one class per grade. My first day started out very uncomfortable for me. I didn’t have anyone to talk to or associate myself with. During lunch I didn’t sit by anyone because I was afraid to meet them. At the end of my first day the teacher announced to us that we would be going to the gym tomorrow. The next day when we went to the gym, I realized that everyone there loved to play basketball. All of the guys were playing a game and I wanted to participate so I asked them if I could accompany them. I ended up on a team with this boy named Keaton. Keaton seemed like a kid you wouldn’t want to mess with because of his muscles, but he turned out to be a ducky teenager. Me and Keaton would play basketball every day during lunch time. This eventually ended up halting because school ended and summer break…show more content…
I have always achieved good grades but when I found out that Sayler Park started a basketball team for the 8th grade, I raised my grades to straight A’s. My teachers saw that I started to be exceptional in the classroom and they told me to take the entrance test for Walnut Hills. I ended up taking the test and passing very easily and then I decided I would go to Walnut Hills. I am a freshman in Walnut Hills High School now and I love the school. My future would be very different if my dad never bought me my first basketball when I was very young. I wouldn’t have been able to start most of my friendships and I wouldn’t be going to Walnut Hills. I still have my first basketball but it has had a great deal of damage done to it now. Everytime I see a basketball I reminisce of the memories of my friends, my dad, my school, and most of all my childhood. Basketball taught me a life lesson and that lesson is the best friends you can have are the ones you share interests with. This has been verified by the friendships I made through the game of
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