Persepolis: Kim Wilde

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In Marjane Satrapi’s memoire Persepolis, the chapter “Kim Wilde” suggest that people perform small acts of rebellion in order to express their desire for freedom from Iran’s oppressive regime. Marjane lives in a country whose regime seeks to ban Western cultural influence, however, Marjane continues to engage in Western clothing, music and lifestyles even though she is becoming more aware of the severe consequences that she may face upon doing so. In “Kim Wilde”, Marjane’s parents visit Turkey because the borders have opened to travel. There is irony in the way that passport pictures are taken. Women have to wear their headscarves in the picture, however, passports are supposed to identify individuals. Instead Taji’s passport picture was “unrecognizable” (126) to Marjane upon seeing it for the first time. As well, Marjane points out her mother’s angry expression which can be due to Taji’s anger towards the regime and their expectations on women and their clothing. This expression of emotion in the passport picture subtly shows her opposition to the Iranian government. At first Marjan...

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