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Adopting the idea of permaculture while seems complicated, can be relatively easy, the essential principle that needs to be considered is working with nature rather than against it. Three ways in which you as an individual can apply permaculture in your everyday life is, growing your own food, minimizing waste and water conservation. Growing your own food can be as simple as having a veggie garden or a fruit tree and they are not only affordable but also provide nutritional produce that is sustainably ethical and safe. Food wastage is an ever-growing issue in society today but one that is frequently ignored and overlooked, it is estimated that Australians waste 4,000,000 tonnes of food each year. Ways that you can prevent food waste within …show more content…

Even though the earths surface is nearly 70% water, only around 2.5% of it is drinkable so water conservation in crucial for a sustainable future. In order to conserve water in your everyday life, it is not essential that you have a complicated irrigation system, it is taking simple actions such as taking shorter showers, only using the dishwasher and washing machine for full loads, turning off the tap when brushing your teeth and it may also be smart having a water tank or a gutter system that maximizes rainwater, especially is you live in an area where rain is abundant. Taking personal responsibility in improving food security is vital, as if everyone does there part than the results would be unbelievable and not only are the recommendations above easy and may seem helpless they will create a world of difference. If you believe that you are not capable of helping and it should be left to people in positions of power than no progress will ever be …show more content…

Urban farming is the practice of growing and harvesting crops in urbanised areas such as, cities or towns. Urban farms are extremely beneficial, as they utilise unused space in efficient ways. For instance, vertical and rooftop gardens use minimal space and make use of areas that would otherwise be unused, providing a range of fresh, healthy produce. Many people around the world rely on food sourced from urban farms and local gardens. Farmers markets are a rapidly growing trend and provide fresh, quality produce to food insecure households, they are most common in rural and urban areas, as these communities may not have easy access to large food stores or supermarkets. The produce sourced from local farmers markets are fresh, and often picked either the night before or that morning, compared to supermarkets where the fruit and vegetables lose valuable nutrients and antioxidants after being pickled and sitting for days. With the produce being locally sourced, much of the money is transferred back into the local economy. Farmers markets create job opportunities and the ability to make profit and create food security. Urban Farms and farmers markets both positively contribute to the idea of food security by supplying quality, fresh produce

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