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1672 words

Paedophilia: comes from the Greek word; paidophilia, which means friendship. But such a meaning denies the true horror of their beliefs and actions. A paedophile is a person who fantasies about having a relationship with young children. It is a person with a dark, destructive and a disturbed mind. Society in general is revolted by these people but they are encouraged to view it with understanding. Many health officials describe it as a mental illness that has no known cure. This is why they have to hide their tendencies from public view. But who in there right frame of mind would send off their young, helpless child and pass them into the hands of a horrifying, mentally unstable babysitter? Would you leave your child alone? Defenceless and unable to fight them off? No, Of course you wouldn’t. On the other hand, if you were paid ten thousand dollars or pounds, would you cast a blind eye over this abominable act? Would you sacrifice your Childs purity to the nauseating things that is done to them…? How would you be able to live with yourself if u knew that a known paedophile, had been watching your child for days, their every move and when and where they go. For your child to be dragged into the car. Raped. Beaten. Abused in ways that are to crude and detestable even for idle discussion. To be sold to gangs of paedophilia that carry out these hideous things over and over until the child can suffer no more. This is what paedophiles do, and unfortunately many have to endure this kind of ordeal every day. I believe that the government should put them in jail for what they have done or plan to do. These types of monsters should be kept out of society. Not relocated where no-one has heard of them. Where nobody knows the type of... ... middle of paper ... ... teach children about keeping safe before they become victims of sexual abuse. Kidscape’s main message to us is prevention. They treat the children that have been inflicted with special medical treatments along with psychiatric help. Many of these children, when they become adults, will still carry the emotional and psychological impact of their experienced. These paedophiles also need help like this, not just the children. We need to find the details of their past to find out how this mental illness come about in the first instance. My final statement to conclude is that the government should put them in jail for what they have done, to teach them that it is wrong. The leaders of our country do not cover for murderers or thieves! Why should paedophiles, who break the laws of humanity to such an extent, be any different?

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that paedophilia is a person who fantasizes about relationships with young children. they are encouraged to view it with understanding.
  • Opines that the government should put paedophiles in jail for what they have done or plan to do.
  • Argues that the government should not allow paedophiles to get away with such ghastly behavior.
  • Argues that the pope has ordered people to cover up the catholic religion's shambles.
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