Patrick Henry Led Early America with his speeches

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In March of 1775, the words of Patrick Henry rang in the ears of his fellow Virginians. He stood in St John’s Church, located in Richmond, made an audacious public speech containing his opinions in relation to the colony’s next step of action in the war. This was not the first time that Henry stood in front of an audience to present a speech. Henry was known for speaking messages that people did not forget. Prior to this speech, Patrick Henry had made his name known by writing the ‘Virginia Resolutions’ against the despised Stamp Act. In the view point of this specific speech however, Henry spoke his opinion of the war starting and what he believed as truth. Virginia was the largest American Colony, with the House of Burgesses that was the longest-serving legislature that Virginia proudly claimed. Patrick Henry was also previously known for his incredible words and messages he had shared in the past. This speech went over the top compared to former speeches. As a known Christian man, Henry referenced an array of Biblical subjects throughout his speech “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death”, in which his audience could take time to deeply digest. During this era, most Americans were Christians, making it easy for Henry to never quotes scripture directly, but imply it for his audience to grasp. Patrick Henry communicates the idea of love and agreement which brings to attention the love God has for the world and His purpose of integrating man to Himself, because of that devotion of love. To begin with, Mr. Henry initially could have stated that some ignored the problem with hope of it vanishing. However, He states “having eyes, see not and, having ears, hear not”. Jesus frequently said “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” To move on... ... middle of paper ... ...ican. Henry made great effort to constantly put God first in not only his life, but in the messages that he shared with people. Amongst this, he loved his nation, especially the people of Virginia. The opinions he had regarding the Revolutionary war, were vividly explained in this speech. Mr. Henry was passionate about peace, and the love that God had for the world. He had a very strong faith, and never hesitated to express what he had learned in his Bible studies. Specifically in this message, Henry used several different Biblical themes as a way to draw in his audience. In using his knowledge of the Bible he was able to precisely get the point a crossed that he was trying to make clear. Henry believed in the freedom of the people just as God had intended it to be. If this would mean to fight for that right, then he was ready to put forth everything that he had.
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