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Truth is a difficult process. In order to find the truth, one must overcome many barriers that blur the truth. In The Republic by Plato, he describes truth as the false truth and the real truth in a cave. The false truth is fed by others, requires little critical thinking and is easily manipulated. The real truth can only be reached by effort to seek for truth, which requires time while also discarding lies from others. In the cave, puppeteers represent people in the society who manipulate, and the prisoners represent people who are manipulated. The puppeteers cast shadows that act as barriers toward the real truth, the shadows are the false truth that are projected to the prisoners. In Don't Let Stereotypes Warp your Judgment by Heilbroner, stereotypes affect a person's effort to find truth by creating a filter that causes himself to become both the puppeteer and the prisoner by casting a shadow to intercept his vision, blurring away from the real truth. In Othello by Shakespeare, Iago, being the manipulator, starts out jealous of two other characters, Othello and Cassio. Iago later manipulates Othello to think that his wife and Cassio are having an affair. Othello who is being casted the perspective of the false truth, he understands the stereotype the society has toward his skin color and loosen his control to find the real truth and believes the false truth from Iago. Iago deceive truth in a way that the false truth is casted onto Othello and other characters, confusing Othello in the path to the real truth. Othello faces blockades that exist throughout the story which tragically affect his actions, as blockades are cleared, Othello regrets what he has done as the real truth is revealed.
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...lbroner). In order to produce a type for a special person one should never judge them by comparing the person with another type. Without comparison with a type, one can observe another and understand their personality by his observations.
Truth is difficult to find because there are many barriers that block one from the real truth. Othello is blinded by the false truth cast by Iago, and is not able to see the real truth anymore. A person who wants to seek the real truth must overcome these blockades with effort and

great change. Stereotypes are one of the barriers that is deeply embedded into our society. In the society today, people often look at others with a filter that is either good or bad. Stereotypes often cause one to think either side and easily fool one to the false truth and onto one specific side without truly understanding the person being looked at.
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