Participant Observation Essay Examples

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After a few days spent home with my parents it was time to return to the University of South Florida to continue with classes. I arrived at Regan International Airport at 7:45 am for and 9 am flight where I would conduct the research strategy of participant observation. Participant observation is a strategy involving both participation in and observation of the daily life of the people being studied. I made my way to the gate, sitting an elderly couple was across from me, next to me was a young woman and behind me was an older gentleman. Many people walked around the terminal trying to find seats close to the gate but far enough away from people they were unfamiliar with. There were little kids around the age of 3 and 4 walking around engaging in conversation with everyone. One little girl had stopped by me, saying “Hi” and then attempted to sit with me. However, her parents ensured she was not allowed to sit with me which I assumed was fear of losing their child. Also, with no rapport between me and the parents it was understandable as to why they would remove the child from trying to sit with me. Meaning the relationship of trust and familiarity with members of the community were not developed. The workers and those boarding the plan were present; however, the pilot and staff were…show more content…
The event of me getting on a plane seemed natural as I have flown multiple times. In the situation, I am considered an insider in the sense of the normalcy in flyinhg but comparing it to the individuals around me not knowing me I was an outsider. With this, my presents did influence the scene because individuals were already ‘performing’ to make an impression in order to gain acceptance from everyone in the airport. Being an outsider brings me to the concept of reflexivity where I had to examine my role in the fieldwork as I have my own basis due to my preconceived
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