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The school, Ps. 282, is located in Park Slope Brooklyn. The Park Slope district centers about the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park at the intersection of Flatbush Avenue and Eastern Parkway. Park slope is best known for its Victorian-era mansion and brownstones. It is one of the most romantic neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Railroad owner and land speculator, Edwin C. Litchfield, built the present neighborhood of Park Slope. Five hundred and twenty-six acres of land was bought by the city to design Prospect Park, resulting in giving the neighborhood its name. Park Slope experienced a horrible tragedy in 1960. December 16, 1960, United Airlines DC-8 and TWA Super Constellation collided in the air, killing all 128 passengers on two planes …show more content…

You can see couples riding their bikes, others going to work or parental guardians riding their bikes with a child seat attached. Although there are many cyclists, there are many car owners in the neighborhood. As a result, parking can be a hassle due to the amount of drivers. While walking down 5th Avenue, there are different restaurant, clothing stores, bars and grocery stores. There are Spanish, Asian, Mediterranean and Halal restaurants. Park Slope has a store called the Chocolate Bar. The Chocolate Bar is a store that sells chocolate and other treats made in Brooklyn. Some of the chocolates are even made in the store. There are for activities for children and their family to take part in. On 7th Avenue, there is a playground and painted pots. Painted Pots is a paint your own pottery studio that offers painting pottery, mosaics, glass fusion, canvas painting, classes, summer camps and birthday parties. There is no reservation needed to paint your own pottery. On 6th Avenue, Puppet Works is a place where young children and their family can sit and enjoy a puppet show. The walk on 5th, 6th and 7th Avenue was very entertaining because of all the stores to explore or activities to

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