Paper Towns By John Green

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“Paper Towns” is becoming a well-known book among students across the country. It is a book that involves risk, adventure, and finding oneself. These elements seem to be important for a renowned adolescent-targeting book, however, numerous books have these elements and are not nearly as well known. What makes John Green’s “Paper Towns” popular among youth is its engaging plot, realistic dialogue and the large fan following that John Green has. All of these factors combine to allow the attraction that the book has. “Paper Towns” was written by John Green and published by Dutton Books in October 2008. It is the third book written by John Green. The book, as with all of John’s writings, is a young-adult fiction. “Paper Towns” has won the 2009 Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Mystery and was fifth of the New York Times Bestseller list. I can understand why “Paper Towns” is a bestseller when I inspect the plot. I suspect that John Green hopes to keep the reader guessing or thinking he or she knows what will happen, just so he can change it up on him or her. This means that the reader will never be bored and will be further interested in what will really happen. If the reader thinks they know what will happen, they will have a craving to read on and ensure that they are right and later be in utter shock to realize they were wrong. If the reader knows that the story could change at any moment, they may consequently come up with wild solutions as outcomes or simply read on to discover the craziness that John Green has penned. The book itself follows a senior in high school who is close to graduating, however, is focused on a much different goal. The main character Quentin is learning much about his neighbor and long-time c... ... middle of paper ... ...and there are even sightings of the pair in schools which is understandable once it is learned that they have education channels. This following may have received an additional boost in the past year since the release of the movie version of “The Fault in Our Stars.” This is another of John Green’s books and was released in 2012. With the evidence seen, it is obvious why “Paper Towns” is such a popular book. The book itself is an amazing piece of work as I stated before with its plot and dialogue. This book appeals to nearly everyone in the young-adult category. There is something for everyone in all aspects of the book and this is simply proved by its popularity. The fact that the book had enough of a frenzy surrounding it to elicit a movie version is something to take notice of. John Green has always attracted attention with his work and continues this trend.

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