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Research Assignment 5
California Budget Challenge
The California Budget Challenge allows the public to make simulated changes that influence the state’s budget surplus. Every option available provides a detailed description of why someone would be in favor or against the option chosen. This information acts like a political party that is trying to sell you an idea so that the citizens (in this case the participants of the budget challenge) may pick and vote for one of the two options. In that same way, the detailed description of each choice provides feedback and supports each argument with pros and cons. The goal of this challenge was to balance the budget, instead, the budget surplus increased.
The options chosen did not balance the budget. On the contrary, the budget surplus increased; a budget surplus is not necessarily a negative outcome. The public and private sectors may be frustrated for paying higher taxes; however, a surplus can be beneficial. One benefit is that more money means more spending, which has a positive outcome in the economy. In addition, more money means savings, which administrators can later use on city developments of old buildings. A budget surplus can be beneficial by allocating funds to programs that need it the most. However, according to Jim Christie, the Governor Jerry Brown, plans on saying, “No,” on spending money deliberately. This means the Governor plans to prevent future deficits by saving that extra money. Therefore, the options chosen in the California Budget Challenge did not balance the budget because the state can benefit of the extra funds to recover from past deficits that continued to grow.
The most challenging spending category was Education. According to Jeffrey Gre...

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...ision was to cut the Pension funds because I believe government employees should cooperate today before the economy falls to the point where they have to actually without pay. In addition, a surplus allows using the extra funds and saving them. Nobody knows the exact day when a natural disaster will occur, which will increase the national debt because the government will have to borrow more money to cover the expenses of a disaster relief.

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