Pacheco's Symptoms Of Anxiety

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The psychological disorder anxiety was recognized in 1980 by the American Psychiatric Association. The disorder was first presented with the terms “stress” or “nerves”. Numbers of individuals with this disorder were treated without an effect because health professionals did not have an understanding of the condition. Researchers state that though anxiety is more common in women than in men, men seek treatment more often than women. An estimated 18% of adults suffer from this condition. Anxiety is caused by fear without an apparent or particular threat. It is diagnosed and labeled as a disorder when it takes over an individual’s daily routine. It can be genetics or may be caused by a stressful event relating to severe trauma. The hippocampus…show more content…
According to Pacheco (2014) her anxiety was developed during her childhood. Pacheco was molested by her step-dad at nine years old. Studies have shown that child sexual abuse can develop severe depression and anxiety. (Babble, 2013) Some of Pacheco’s symptoms of anxiety were tightening of the chest accompanied by shortness of breath. Being married to her first husband at the age of thirteen; she experienced physical and sexual abuse within her marriage, leading her to attempt suicide. Mental health professionals have been treating Pacheco for the psychological disorders that accompany sexual abuse since 1997. Patients who have suffered trauma such as sexual abuse can have very long term mental disorders such as anxiety, panic attacks, and self-abusive behaviors. (Boulware, 2006). Pacheco has been using mental health services for the past 17 years and according to her physician (Mariano, 2014), Pacheco suffers from a chronic, severe, life-long, treatment resistant mental illness with a diagnosis of: 296.34 Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent, severe with psychotic features, 300.3 obsessive-compulsive disorder, 300.2 generalized anxiety disorder, 309.81 posttraumatic stress disorder, 301.9 personality…show more content…
If so which methods can or have been successfully used to overcome such a disorder? According to research one way to cure anxiety is by strong self-commitment on a person’s own behalf. The person experiencing anxiety has to be willing to change their life taking different approaches toward setbacks that may arise. Perhaps, avoiding stressful activities and interacting with people who evoke anxiety may have to be eliminated to prevent anxiety. A coping strategy is often recommended for anxiety sufferers. This strategy often involves relearning and reframing in the way a person thinks or acts. Some activities provide the sufferer with healthy distractions that allow them relief from their anxiety. The way to overcome anxiety is by an individuals own mental abilities and not their behavior. Some simple ways to cope with anxiety are by jogging, yoga, art, puzzles and mental challenges, and happy music. These coping strategies can distract the person suffering with anxiety by giving their brain an easier time in overcoming the feelings of anxiety so that they can learn the skills necessary to reduce or eliminate anxiety in the future. (Rivera, R.

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