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In the years before the discovery of oil, the health situation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was poor but since then there have been rapid changes in the healthcare system in the UAE. For example, since the establishment of the UAE, many modern hospitals and clinics have been set up and filled with the best medical equipment. However, in spite of this considerable progress, there are still many challenges and difficulties which face the health care system in the UAE. This essay will focus on the major issues.
The basic problem facing the health care system in the UAE is that there is no special database in which to keep medical records related to the diseases in the region. The healthcare system does not have records to explain these diseases, how to treat them, the percentage of affected people, the number of patients dying from these diseases and the number of patients who have survived these diseases. In addition there is no historical record for any of the families that illustrates the medical and genetic diseases that are inherited in the family and how many family members are living with these diseases.
The health care system in the UAE recognizes the importance of having a medical database. That is why the government started collecting data and forming a medical database to organize better the health care system. An online database of patients’ medical records connecting public hospitals and clinics has been created and is currently expanding. The Ministry of Health programmed the database which costs Dh300 million (US$82m) and which is already in use in the northern Emirates (Underwood, 2008).
Another problem facing the health care system is the lack of Emirati doctors specializing in all areas of medicine and the l...

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... the UAE’s health care system cares about the lives of all Emiratis and they are encouraging every citizen to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle. In addition, the UAE health care system is getting help from foreign, more advanced countries to include different medications and solutions to decrease the number and extent of diseases among citizens in the UAE. Guidance and awareness is spread and taught to citizens of all ages to help keep them aware of how important is the maintenance of good health.
In conclusion I think that we should have enough medical colleges and the Ministry of Education should take care of the students to increase the number of local doctor. UAE Health care system needs to develop the databases of the patients , in addition it should spread awareness in the society for citizens to realize the effects of the bad health life style.
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