Overcoming Obstacles In Junior's Journey

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One can only achieve their dreams if they persevere because conquering obstacles strengthens one’s resolve. Junior decides to transfer from Wellpinit (a school on the reservation) to Reardan (an all white school outside of the reservation), only to prove that he can live up to his dream without giving up, unlike the other Indians on the reservation. This results in him losing his only best friend and facing many conflicts. Junior overcomes many of the obstacles that he faces throughout his journey by persevering through hardships, which help make him stronger. In the novel, Junior perseveres in spite of overcoming many of the obstacles that he faces throughout his journey. Despite the sacrifices that he makes and the hardships and struggles …show more content…

Junior continuously persists and tries to make amends with Rowdy in order to save his friendship. This contributes to Junior’s maturity because he learns to never give up on the people he loves and cares for about so easily. Even when Junior realizes that the cartoon he draws for Rowdy does not help him think of how good of a team they are, this does not stop Junior from being committed towards their friendship. As Junior leaves Rowdy’s house after handing the cartoon to Rowdy’s dad, Junior observes, “I stopped at the end of the driveway and looked back. I could see Rowdy in the window of his upstairs bedroom. He was holding my cartoon. He was watching me walk away. And I could see the sadness in his face. I just knew he missed me, too. I waved at him. He gave me the finger…. But then i realized that Rowdy may have flipped me off, but he hadn’t torn up my cartoon. As much as he hated me, he probably should have ripped it to pieces” (Alexie 103). When Junior realizes that Rowdy still respects and cares about Junior’s cartoons, Junior still has hope in their friendship. Junior’s dedication to their friendship helps him mature because his perseverance towards making amends with Rowdy helps him learn to be more understanding and empathetic. This helps him conquer any obstacle with more patience and sensitivity. Not only does he never give up on his friendship with Rowdy, but also with his dream of becoming a basketball

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