Othello, by William Shakespeare

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The play Othello was littered with accusations and errors of many people. Some hurt one another for self benefit, some did for revenge, but some others were just plain stupid. Nobody stuck up for themselves as normal human beings should do in times of need, instead just sitting and taking it, letting the antagonist win the battles and eventually the war. All of this is true, but the primary example of stupidity in this book is the main character, Othello. Othello is hands down the dumbest character in the book, clearly not having the ability to use his head and get his facts straight in any shape or form. He is solely to blame for his own actions in the book because he lets Iago control his beliefs, he is overcome by jealousy, his love for Desdemona, and his goodness to people.

One reason Othello is to blame for his own actions, is because he lets Iago control his thoughts and actions. Iago takes advantage of Othello by using Othello’s trust and goodness against him. Othello, just by trusting Iago, already has the virus implanted inside his brain without knowing it. Iago has set out to destroy Othello all for his own good, and plans to ruin his relationships, not only with his wife, but also with his friends and everybody else. This cruel, yet effective, method used by Iago starts spreading that virus like wildfire, slowly crippling Othello’s state of security and by taking over his conscience. This is when he starts believing Iago’s words, and Othello starts turning against his wife, and all of the others that are close to him. He starts a hatred against his wife and starts treating her like crap. His friend Cassio starts to become part of an attack plot from these repercussions, because Othello wants to kill him for “ch...

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... Iago corrupted them and in turn lost the match for everyone. He had won. Yet it seems with some actual reasoning from Othello, none of this should have run out of control like it did.

Othello had the right idea in a lot of things in his life, but if you have tragic flaws like he did, he was doomed from the beginning. Iago may have had the last laugh, and orchestrated the madness, but in all honestly Othello was truly to blame because he was weak, controlled by jealousy, was an easy target, and eventually let Iago have complete control of him. Common sense should have saved the day, but Othello seemed to be lacking this critically. All in all, Othello was truly to blame for his own demise , his own destruction. He caused his own death, and well now, he isn’t coming back. This is a prime example of, “Think before you act.” Use your brain or your brain will use you.
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